About StreetSafe

StreetSafe's hands-on programs are designed to foster healthier decision-making and behaviors⁠—start changing yours today.

The StreetSafe Lifesaving Driving Experience is a non-profit organization dedicated to saving the lives of our youngest, most at-risk drivers.

Motor Vehicle Crashes kill more young drivers than the next four leading causes combined. StreetSafe was created to change that fact.

Our Approach

Our innovative approach is a hands-on experience designed and developed to change the driving behaviors that cause moving violations, crashes, DUI’s, injuries and death. Taught by First Responders—those who know all too well the tragic results of unsafe driving—StreetSafe allows young drivers to experience, witness, and discuss the consequences of inexperience, risky behaviors, and bad decision-making behind-the-wheel.

Our Driving Courses

Our exercises are all done in a controlled environment and are experiences they will never see in a driver’s education class. We believe this real-world application leads to a better understanding of the responsibility we all accept when we get behind-the-wheel, encouraging healthy respect for safe driving practices and a recognition that we can save lives in the process.

Inside Our Programs

The StreetSafe Alcohol & Drug Education Program is designed to motivate and educate young people to recognize the consequences of their actions, by taking an in-depth look at how poor decisions involving alcohol and drugs can impact their lives.